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Wiser After
The world will be less interesting without the fallibility and optimism of the amateur. I self-published Wiser After under the Writers’ Workshop imprint in 2004. In hindsight, the collection is filled with some wonderful, but poorly executed, ideas. I grafted some of them into Age-old tales. And I intend to revisit some others later.

Wiser After infused me with inner momentum, allowed me to spend a delightful month in Kolkata, gave me the opportunity to interact with (Late) Padma Shri Professor Purushottam Lal and also helped me understand, firsthand, the challenges in distributing a book.

If I were given another chance, I’d do the same thing again.

A few hundred copies of the book exist out there in the world. While it may not be the most readable book in the world, my hopeful conceit wishes that it become a collector’s item in the future.