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Peepur Dry
I plan to make Peepur Dry my next release. It’s a novella set in colonial India. It’s the most humorous book I’ve written. And I wrote it during the darkest hour of my life. In many ways, this book saved me from crumbling entirely. Enough said. Here is the synopsis:

When the Britons in Peepur run out of whiskey, they awaken to the stark realities of India and make strange, comical decisions. James Burton, the only white bum in south India, is also the only white man in Peepur with access to liquor – the illicit palm toddy. He takes it upon himself to protect the local network of bootleggers even as he keeps Peepur dry for the whites. Within no time, Burton becomes the most important player in a game that involves dubious British officers, a wily bootlegger, the sloth-ridden Maharaja of Peepur and a group of violent Indian freedom fighters. As a man who answers only to his private code of ethics and his body’s craving for alcohol, Burton manipulates every personality and situation to achieve an end known only to him.

Using a fictional backdrop, humorous narrative, historical anachronisms and the colonialist’s vocabulary on the surface, Peepur Dry delivers a subtle commentary on exploitation that’s as relevant in India today as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century.