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Behind the silicon mask
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Behind the silicon mask took ten years to write, but can be read from cover to cover in ten hours.
It has a serial killer, yet offers more than just cheap thrills.

It isn't a whodunit, yet is a page turner.
It covers corporate angst, yet isn't a crib-fest.
It revolves around Indian protagonists and is set in the American Midwest, yet it isn't a Diaspora book. It is, in fact, a crossover book. This book owes its existence to globalization and the author's desire to write a truly international book.

the plot

A serial killer targeting immigrants.
A record-shattering snowstorm that aids his cold mission.
A community of 200 Indian IT professionals under a siege.
A rapacious corporate employer, an unflinching deadline and a boss willing to risk anything.
A tale-twist in every living room and bedroom.

A bleak, fateful Friday that brings together all these elements and changes lives forever.
Neither Partho Sen nor Varun Belthangady is aware that his life is in danger. There is one man
who can save them yet – Detective Farley of the Milwaukee Police Department. But will the
serial killer prove too clever for him?

All this happened during a time when Osama was on top of everybody’s hit list and
Obama was a spelling mistake.