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Behind the silicon mask
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Your response is important to me. Your bouquets will infuse me with energy. Your brickbats will give me perspective. Both are equally important and equally welcome. Do leave a word about your reading
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At one point of time while reading Behind the silicon mask, I had eaten all my nails. Spellbinding suspense!
- Ram Mohen, IT professional

Twists and turns in the ordinary…that’s what makes this book extraordinary. You think you know what to expect and that’s when the unexpected hits you!
- Priya Prasad, preschool teacher

The story is like an interesting maze with a gift waiting to tantalize you to explore further... And explore it does from the depths of survival instincts, to desperate biases to evolved thought processes... It’s a pulsating story that reveals the IT industry people dynamics!"
- Sujay Shivram, IT professional

The narrative gives us a fascinating inside view of the lives and loves of Indian IT professionals in the US of A. Add to this a lurking serial killer who has been pushed over the edge, and everything gets shaken and stirred!
- Veena Seshadri, Writer/Editor

The conference room, the cafeteria and downtown apartments become settings that host the challenges, politics, backstabbing, romance and friendships experienced by the Indian IT professional abroad. I personally liked the female characters in the book; Rashmi and Kayalvizhi are vulnerable yet strong. An engrossing suspense thriller that will change your opinions about many things.
- Vani Khare, scientist

The book gives an intriguing glimpse into the lives of IT professionals. What I didn't expect was to be left with some compelling existential introspection! Definitely a book I wholeheartedly recommend.
- Akshaya Krishnan, Social Media Expert