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Bangalored : the Expat Story
Published by EastWestBooks in 2006, Bangalored was a journalistic attempt to perceive urban India through the eyes of expatriates. The book stemmed from my belief that the guest more easily notices the cracks in the ceiling and the fragrance of incense-sticks than the host. Here’s a brief description of the book.

Over twelve thousand foreigners (that is, more than half the expatriate population in the country) now live in Bangalore. They hail from diverse backgrounds, practise various professions, and in this global city, which still retains traces of its small-town ethos, they are discovering previously unimaginable possibilities. So what exactly do they seek in Bangalore and do they find it there? On what levels do they interact with the local people? And, how significant is their impact on the cultural, financial, social, political and educational spheres they touch? Fusing the resonance of history with the experiences of a riveting cast of expatriates, Bangalored provides the answers to questions such as these. Most of the expatriates featured in the book are resourceful, some are quirky and eccentric, and a few are stubbornly idealistic, but they are all memorable. More so because they shrug off the usual stereotypes to reveal their thoughts, feelings and insights with rare candour. What emerges is a whole new perspective on urban India and its ambiguities. Writing with sensitivity and wry humour, Eshwar Sundaresan recreates these distinctive voices in a vibrant and multi-textured collage.

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For me, the most satisfying aspect of the book was that I was able to faithfully reproduce the opinions of the expatriates I interviewed. It required deep listening and suppression of the judgements that come naturally to most of us.